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"Scattering Memories"

After you lose someone, you can find yourself in strange waters. Other people feel awkward when you mention your loved one's name, even when you're recalling good times. Most people are uncomfortable with the thought of death, no matter how it arises. They don't know how to react so there's usually a small silence and then a change of subject. And if it's been a few years since the loss of your loved one, they may wonder why you don't just "move on" with your life and leave the past behind (these are usually people who have yet to lose someone very close to them.)

The thing is, the times you spent together, even those terrible days and the grief that followed, have molded you into who you are; they are a part of you. I'm glad I've healed enough to be able to share my stories with a smile - those memories are a precious part of me. I will scatter them with joy and gratitude.


Sizes, papers, and prices coming soon.

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