All the Time in the World

A COVID-19 Serial Memoir by Jean Fogelberg

"I didn’t wake up and decide to write a book one day, you know.

Fate beat me over the head with stories until I submitted.

 Here’s what happened..."

What People Are Saying...


Bravo... this is the first I’ve read. I’m not sure why I was so hesitant to breach the sacred space. It’s perfect... beyond perfect. Can’t wait to read more. 

~ Shelly A


I felt like a voyeur and couldn't stop reading. It's intimate, captivating, emotional. Well written. What a love story you have to tell. Thank you for continuing to share Dan and yourself with us while keeping Dan's legacy alive.

~ Elizabeth H

I love waking up Saturday mornings to more of your love story. It makes my heart ache and break at the same time. It's strangely calming. Thanks again for sharing.

~ Donna C


Please continue...your words are the only bright spot in my quarantine.

~ Cynthia R.

After Dan died I went in search of a biography about him. I just wanted to know more about him and surely a guy with such an interesting life would have a book about him. Much to my disappointment I never found one, until now. I’m so happy to be getting a glimpse of the man behind the songs.​

~ Leslie W 

This first chapter tonight has had such an unexpected impact on me. You so beautifully and authentically captured the essence of an experience that is almost impossible for to fully relay to anyone else.

~ Cindy S


Wow, the story just gets better and better. I'm hooked. Can't wait for the next chapter. 

~ Karen H


Tears are flowing. I don’t know how you are doing this, but I’m so glad you are. Thank you.

~ Janet H 

I hope there are a thousand chapters.

~ Patti F

Thank you for brightening yet another of our weeks here in covid/riot/crazytime America. We need your writing, we need your brightness, we need your stories of love and laughter. I look forward each weekend to a new chapter and believe it or not, it levels and sustains me!

~ Linda RB

Amidst Saturday morning chores of laundry, dishes, trash collection ..., I snuck in several staccato breaks to immerse myself in another decadent chapter. All caught up now, and longing for the next installment!

~ MJ

I could visually see Dan standing there in his sheriff get-up. He was so good looking. Who didn’t have a crush on Dan? Anxiously awaiting to read your next chapter.

~ Debbie M

Thank you so much, Jean! So looking forward to each chapter that follows, but I find myself re-reading your wonderful story from the very beginning again and again.

~ Cindy S

The prologue made me tear up as you described the labored breathing. I was familiar with this from being with my parents when they left the earth. Now I’m going to smile every time I think of Ravioli. Thank you for sharing your love story with us.

~ Marietta T

I am absolutely spellbound. Thank you.

~ Doris A

I fell in love with Dan Fogelberg's music when I was 15.. I used to wonder and fantasize about what kind of man he was on a personal level. My thought was that any man who could write such poetic words and put them together with such amazing music, has to have a beautiful soul. So, thank you again for the small personal part of his and your lives together.

~ Erin K

OMG! I am hooked!!!

~ Robin T

Something to look forward to during this time of isolation. I am so grateful that you are writing this book. 

~ Ann C

Can’t wait for each new “episode” each week... better than Netflix! Thank you for sharing and the love.

~ Michele O

I really enjoyed the first two chapters, though the first one made me very sad. I am old fan of Dan’s, and because I had such a close connection with his music, I couldn’t listen to him for many years. I’m okay now, and I’m eagerly awaiting your next installment. Thank you for doing this.

~ Don R

I hope you know how many people you have just made feel better in these trying times...thank you!

~ Helen M

MORE! Oh my! MORE. I can NOT wait for the book.

~ Kathy T

So beautiful. I’m in tears...you write so vividly, I can see every detail.

~ Linda B

More....More.... I need MORE!!!

~ Steve Z

With the way things are, I never know what day it is. This is something to look forward to. Thank you!

~ Nancy G

Oh my! Of course I was among the bazillion girls that had a serious crush on Dan. I could hardly read about the lips, the kissing, tender lips, fingers.... I couldn't read it fast enough! Thank you Jean for sharing such intimate memories with us. No wonder Dan loved you so.

~ Susie W

I’m loving this! Thanks, Jean - you are a really good writer! Very sweet, magical, gritty and authentic - great combination! And I can see why you were a good fit for each other!

~ Nancy H

When you write...we are all right there....in the moment with you.

~ Holly M

Oh how I love these stories!!..I've been to Santa Fe many times and can visualize everything you write..thank you again for sharing your feelings and memories..I am truly loving this and cant wait till the next chapter. I love you and Dans love story!

~ Margaret P​

I get so excited when I see you’ve written a new chapter. Your writing style is vivid and I’m completely absorbed in the story. Please don’t stop. 

~ Cindy R

Love these chapters Jean. Each one starts pulling me more and more into your story. Love how it is both personal and poetic and real.

~ Deb J

What a joy it is reading each chapter of your story! Thank you for sharing your love in this precious way and giving each of us the gift of "being there" with you. I too look forward to each new episode in your beautiful love story.

~ Nancy C

Jean, I woke up at 4 a.m. looking for your next chapter. Your writing and once-in-a-lifetime story have me hooked, can't wait to read more.

~ Simon W


Once again, I'm completely entranced.

Finally remembered to breathe.

~ Sally H


I love this budding love story. It’s almost as if his hand is on top of yours as you write these words! From wherever he is, He is so proud of you.

~ Stacey P


This story just keeps getting better and better...thanks for sharing the love.

~  Catherine H

I went to Santa Fe for the first time a year and half ago. I loved that town! It had so much beauty, history, culture, and some of the most amazing galleries and restaurants. My husband and I hope to go back sometime, and when I do, your sweet love story will have added a touch of romance to that town.

~ Deborah F


I just read all of the chapters so far. Your vivid memories make me feel like I am an watching love bloom between you and Dan , in person. It is bittersweet though, because getting to know him through you makes me miss him even more.

~ Dawn C

I'm reading your love story while listening to Dan's Captured Angel Album. I suddenly realized that I've been smiling the whole time. Thank you for sharing your story, bringing a smile to my face, and warming my heart during these uncertain and nerve racking times.

~ Susan P