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"Facing The Storm"

October the 27th, 2007. I woke early one morning to find the back yard covered in gold; a wild storm had blown the leaves off of the Fall trees. Not wanting to wake my husband, I quietly got up and into my Top Hat garb and went outside to set my camera and tripod up. Unlike the "Waiting For The Tide" shot, which is so still, I wanted there to be a lot of movement and action in this one. So I aimed the camera at the cove, set my self-timer for 5 seconds, and began running and leaping.


Back to the camera, set the timer, run and leap, around and around in circles I went. Both cats were on the porch, watching me with wide-eyed interest. Before long my husband came out in his robe, coffee in hand, and joined the cats, asking: "What the heck is going on out here?!"


Sizes, papers, and prices coming soon.

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