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Even as a kid, with my trusty Brownie 127, I liked photographing people and animals best.

My little sisters were obliging models.


"By the time she'd taken a single shot, Jean's approach to photography became wordlessly clear: she is after your soul, in the best possible way. Not so much searching as lying in wait. Patient, but excited at the sporadic sight of the spirit she seeks in her subject and its surroundings, Jean is an expert guide, willing you toward that meditative space where you are simply yourself."


Zac Clark




"People do judge a book by its cover and an author photo is of supreme importance. I was never fully satisfied by the professional portraits taken prior Jean's. And after seeing the first results, I knew I had found the right photographer. Not only did she put me at ease from the start, but I immediately noticed her attention to detail—not just pose, camera angles, and lighting of course; but also an intangible - capturing the spirit of the moment. She is able to convey what it is I hope readers will feel when they see the photo. I would never use anyone else!”


Katherine Hall Page




"You don’t 'pose' for Jean, you just hang out and have fun as she skillfully coaxes out whatever she envisions for the shoot, without you even noticing. There is zero anxiety, discomfort or pressure; she is a playful but cunning seductress with camera in hand. It’s ever amazing how painlessly, and seemingly effortlessly she allows the camera to capture that 'essence', that originally only she sees."


Evelyn Roberts, D.F.Astrol.S.



"In the past, I’ve always been nervous and self-conscious about having my picture taken, and I have never been pleased with the results. With Jean, the experience was completely different. She immediately helped me relax and showed such concern over every detail that I fully trusted her to make me look my best. I was not disappointed: the results were beyond my expectations. Thank you, Jean, for creating portraits that I WANT to share. “


Rebecca Carrier

Writer / Communications Professional & Software Designer 



"Jean was a delight to work with, so much fun and so creative. She had me running through the waves, leaping and playing like a little girl, it was a blast! I would never have thought of doing that and was delighted at the results. She made me feel so relaxed, so free! I had a lovely time and didn't even realize I was on a photo shoot.”


Susie Chinn


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