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studio prints

I create my studio prints in my office and art studio, using an iMac, an Epson 11000XL scanner,  and an Epson SC-P900 photo printer. I print only with Epson archival inks and papers.


Some photographs require very little post-production work. For my "Remnants of Autumn" print,  I chose the image where the fox's ears were pointing forward, listening to something in the distance.


Opening the image on my computer in Photoshop, I adjusted the levels, cleaned up the broken pine needles from the snow, and cropped the photo. After adding a paint filter, I painted in a bright eye, exaggerated the bit of snow on the nose, and  brought out the detail in the fur. It felt like there was too much white surrounding the fox, so I added some watercolor splashes, and this shot was ready to print.

Creating my "Demure Fox" print was a little more complicated.

The original image was sweet, but I wanted to give the landscape a more artistic, wild feeling.


In Photoshop, I replaced the original background with an image I took while traveling on the bus from Bangor, Maine, to Boston.

I love shooting passing scenery from buses and trains, using either my DSLR or iPhone.


Looking through my stack of CitraSolv papers, I found a couple I thought might work and scanned them.

Learn how to create CitraSolv images using National Geographic magazines here.


Back in Photoshop, I overlaid both CitraSolv scans over my photo and erased the areas covering the fox. After merging the scans with the image, I added some purple tones, small white flowers, and brushstrokes.


Studio prints are available at Handworks Gallery, mounted on cradled wood panels with archival fixatives, and sealed with cold wax for protection from the elements.

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