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"At Home In The Universe"

I created this piece in July of 2013, when the darkness of the previous years began to recede. There was a time when I felt so at home in the universe; so sure of my place in it, and so in tune with the natural elements of our world. From the day of my husband's cancer diagnosis though, I suddenly understood just how little control we children of the universe have over our lives. The years that followed made me feel like a yoyo in the hands of some bored, imperious angel. Intermittent storms of stress, fear, and sorrow hovered over me, continuing to deluge me long past his death. I was out of tune with the universe.

When I was a child I heard the term "bouts of depression" and, once I understood the concept, I realized that I experienced "bouts of joy". Just as inexplicable as the depression in others, little bubbles of joy would suddenly burst in me, filling me with happiness. That trait got me through some difficult times, but it couldn't withstand the pain of watching the love of my life struggle against an enemy we could not defeat. Then one day, six years after his passing, a tiny bubble of joy quietly burst, bringing me to my knees with gratitude that this precious gift hadn't abandoned me forever.


An imperious angel plays with the fates of the universe while fine feathered friends head for calmer climates. The house is empty but still lived in. Everything revolves around the watering hole, a source of life in the desert, but on which all reflections appear lifeless. A child holds an umbrella, protecting Buffalo while he sheds his skin and transitions from being to spirit. Blackbird sings songs of the mysteries beyond to prepare and guide him. Danger and trickery lurk in the distance as Coyote, always watching and waiting for an opportunity, but the child has little bubbles of joy suspended over her, a promise of better days ahead, giving her hope and the strength to endure.

Sizes, papers, and prices coming soon.

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