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A Good Omen

It was a foggy Saturday in Stonington as we boarded the Isle au Haut mailboat at noon for an Island Heritage Trust cruise of the Deer Isle Thorofare. Ten minutes into the cruise, a Bald Eagle flew over us, a good omen!

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16 dic 2022

12-16-22 15 years since my brother in arms flew like the eagle to the other world. This is Dan lovely Jean soaring over the waters he cherished to sail watching over you lovingly the same loving way he kept you close to his heart when sailing alone on these same waters in his beloved Minstrel. You were always with him spiritually Jean on his lone inspirational voyages. I met Dan at Caribou with Joe recording “Souvenirs “ then spent time with him at “Mountain Bird Ranch” in the mid 70’s. Such a kind gentle soul I will miss immensely until that unknown day I will see him again in the other world too. He finally captured his Angel when h…

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Sandra Paul
Sandra Paul
21 lug 2022

Freedom & courage to look ahead xx

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