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Return to Mayberry

Here I am, with the cinematographer and director on the set of the 1986 film, "Return To Mayberry". I was just a stand-in (for Don Knotts!) but the crew were awesome and during the last day of shooting they pushed me in-camera. You can see me for two whole seconds in the climatic "rally" scene, clapping my hands in the crowd.

The actress who played Ron Howard's wife had already gone home when they decided to shoot an extra scene, so I "stood" in for her. Actually, I was lying in the back seat of a car, completely hidden from view. So, when Ron Howard leans into the car to talk to his wife, after she's just given birth, it's actually me lying there. No, really, I swear.

Ron Howard, such a pro, no ego, nice to everyone,

Hey, could we possibly have found bigger glasses?!?!

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