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Falling For Wigs

My beautiful mother had wigs in all lengths and colors and as a girl I would secretly try them on and feel fabulous. I LOVED Jean Shrimpton and Lauren Hutton and Twiggy and lusted after the long falls and wigs in the ads in the back of 70s teen magazines.

When I was in high school I saved my babysitting money and bought a Twiggy-style short blonde wig. I pinned my long hair in coils all over my head then pulled the wig on and wore it to school. I felt so cool and pretty! In the middle of History class, the boy sitting behind me pulled it off and everyone laughed. I didn’t wear another hair piece for over thirty years. One day I complimented a friend on her hair. When she told me it was a wig I was shocked - they had come a long way since the 70s!

My old love for big hair was revived and I bought a fall (they're now called "toppers"). Then fabulous Adele came along, telling us she names her wigs, and making them cool again. I don’t name mine, but I always sew wig clips in at the forehead, temples and back to keep them securely on my head. Most valuable lesson I ever learned in History class.

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