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Missing You

I miss you.

Silly you, happy you, interested you.

I'm learning to live with

distracted you, frightened you, silent you,

parts of you I knew from before

but different now.



Even your face,

the face I love so much,

changes daily

as your body adapts

and absorbs

and rebels against

the meds.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of you,

the you from before the diagnosis.

I live for those sometimes.

They comfort and fill me

and get me through,

until the next time.

But today I see you:




uncomfortable you,

in your



tired body.

I know

you miss you too.

We're like roommates now,

in love with the same man,

lying quietly in the dark

missing you

praying for your return

fearing you're gone forever.

For Char.

Written in 2010 for my caregiver website, "Don't Lose Heart."

Copyright 2022 ©Jean Fogelberg

Please do not re-post or print without express permission.


Sharon Etchieson
Sharon Etchieson
May 28

Jean, I just cannot imagine the pain you both endured. The love you had for each other was priceless and everlasting. My heart and thoughts are with you. If I could, I'd be giving you a warm hug. I'm so thankful Dan was blessed with you.


Dec 27, 2023

Jean, the loss you expressed is still felt by many. You are a beautiful person, I wish you well.


Aug 12, 2023

Lost my Husband in 2014, and the last journey was very similar. I was grateful to be his caregiver to the end. This morning, I heard a song we used to dance to, and out of the blue, I burst into intense grieving. The sun always comes up again each new day, but some mornings I still wish I could show him the beauty that I captured in a photo of that day's sunrise.


Feb 07, 2023


Sandra Paul
Sandra Paul
Jul 26, 2022

All the tugs of emotion are here, Jean.

Heard & felt xx

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