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"Real Love"


The image others have of us may be very different from the image we have of ourselves. What they see is based on their own desires and experiences and may have very little to do with who we really are. 


Sometimes we desire their approval so much that we try to become that reflection we see in their eyes. And sometimes we spend so many years trying to be what others want us to be that we lose sight of our own image. Things get really confusing when that person, who doesn't actually know us at all, then tries to change us. 


How many hearts have been broken because two strangers fell in love with their own desires?


I wish I could say I found the strength within myself to break this lifelong pattern and discover who I really was, but it took meeting a man whose desire to know me overcame any desire he might have had to create his own version of me. When I saw my true reflection in his eyes I fell in love with us both.




She loved the prince. He valued his castle more than anything, though, and so he patrolled it night and day. She asked him to come away with her but he wouldn't. After two years she grew lonely by herself and one day she told him she was venturing out to find love. He told her he loved her, but it was too late, he had killed her love for him. She left him just as true love was winging its way to her. 


He cried to all who would listen that she had been carried off by a great mountain bird and had broken his heart. But he had never taken the time to know her, and even as she walked away from him he did not see her for who she truly was.

The photos of the black cat and the dog were taken in Kentucky; the silo in Tennessee; the top of the tower was from a building in Maine, as were the turkey, the leaf wings, and raven. The mountains, clouds, and grass were shot in Colorado, as was the dragonfly, symbol of transformation, on her shoulder. The turkey's robe was from a temple guard in Egypt, the designs down the front from one of my fabric designs. The odd crown on his head was found in a junk yard in Maine. I have no idea what it is, but I love it.


Sizes, papers, and prices coming soon.

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